Here’s How You Can Watch The Persona Super Live 2019 Concert Online

If you fancy some Shoji Meguro Shin Megami Tensei musical goodness, you’ll be happy to know that Atlus will be livestreaming the annual Persona Super Live P-Sound Street concert on 24 and 25 April. Basically, the musical croonings from Persona 3, 4, and 5 will be performed live by their respective artists and singers, all under the compositing supervision of Shoji Meguro.

Watch the live streams on the Niconico/Twitter links below:

Day 1 Live Stream (24 April, 6pm GMT+8)
Day 2 Live Stream (25 April, 6pm GMT +8)
Persona Twitter account (both days, 6:30pm GMT+8)

Keep in mind that you can only watch the first 30 minutes of the stream if you have a Niconico Premium account. Alternatively, Facebook pages like Mayonaka Network will FB Live the stream; head here for more info on that.

Why would you tune into this? Apart from the balls-to-the-walls amazing musical arrangements and stage shows, we’ll also be getting the latest information on the upcoming Persona 5: The Royale JRPG and Persona 5 S on 24 and 25 April respectively. We’ll definitely be checking it out; stay tuned to Kakuchopurei for more Persona-laden news that you’ll definitely see coming, unlike the baddies in Mementos.


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