If you love Nintendo RPGs and happen to be playing Dragalia Lost, last year’s best surprise game on mobile, you’re in for a treat. The game will feature a special Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event, as well as reduced prices for hero and dragon gachaing.

Here’s the gist: a portal opens between the worlds of Dragalia Lost and Fire Emblem Heroes, resulting in characters like Alfonse, Marth, Fjorm, and Veronica fighting against Alberia’s finest like [Insert Your Prince’s Name Here] and [Your Favourite 5-Star Gachas]. Mine’s Toffee and Annelie/Lucretia/Laranoa/Maribelle.

The event introduces a new quest type called Defensive Battles. Here, four players team up to defend their gates from Imperial troops. Check out the full instructions below:


The event will run from 26 April 2pm GMT+8 until 14 May 2pm GMT+8. That’s 2 weeks-ish to earn friendship points to permanently recruit the game’s first-ever 5-Star freebie hero Alphonse.

Oh yes, the summoning discounts! Single gachas will now cost 120 Wyrmite/Diamantium instead of the usual 150. Players will also receive 4,500 Wyrmite as a “thank you” gift, meaning you’ll get 37 summons. Lady Luck be kind!

Long story short: now’s a good time as any to jump onto the Dragalia Lost train. Try as you might, you can’t get that damn main menu earwig out of your head. I know I couldn’t.


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