Nepal Lifts PUBG Ban After Just A Month


In light of the recent PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ban in Iraq and India, the Nepali government has decided to lift the ban on the grounds of legal uncertainty.

The country’s Supreme Court has issued an interim order lifting the ban. Justice Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada told the government that it runs the risk of violating Article 17 of Nepal’s constitution, which concerns freedom of expression. According to The Himalayan, there must be enough evidence presented for the ban to take place.

The original ban took effect on 11 April due to worries on violence and addiction. ISP and mobile operators were ordered to block traffic from PUBG servers, with the police arresting 10 university students for playing the game.

The court’s decision was reportedly a response to a writ petition filed by several advocates. The advocates claimed that by banning PUBG, they are violating the people’s freedom of expression.

For now, players are free to play the game without consequences and ISPs are free to unblock PUBG. We don’t know how long this pause will last, but the public is happy that their voices were heard.

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