What’s Next After Avengers Endgame: Upcoming MCU Movies To Watch Out For



The MCU has never had a movie led by a non-powered human being that doesn’t have superhuman powers, magic, or some kind of advanced technology. Shang-Chi will also mark the first MCU movie to be led by an Asian. With Destin Daniel Cretton set to direct, the upcoming movie will probably portray a side of the MCU we’re not used to seeing on the big screen: the streets, or a street-level hero (besides Spider-Man, that is).

In the comics, Shang-Chi is called the Master of Kung Fu (similar to how Doctor Strange is called the Master of the Mystic Arts). Despite having no powers, his incredible martial arts prowess and expertise in hand-t-hand combat has allowed him to defeat many super-powered individuals.

Perhaps this is all the Marvel Studios’ way of not only diversifying its lineup of heroes but also to make up for what it did with Iron Fist, though that was technically Netflix’s fault. No release date has been revealed for Shang-Chi as of yet.

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