Lust From Beyond Is An Erotic Horror Game Inspired By Giger & Lovecraft

Want to play an erotically-charged first-person horror game filled with giant alien vaginas and sentient dicks which you can interact with? Then you should go fun MovieGames’ latest Kickstarter game project Lust from Beyond.

In this game, expect puzzles, walking, and orgies as you join the Cult of Ecstasy to figure out your recent sex dimension nightmares. Once the cult opens up the Lovecraft-inspired lovepad, all hell breaks loose. And also your underwear/panties if you get your jollies walking through vagina-shaped doors and corridors. And probings. We’re not judging.

As of right now, the project has already reached its goal of US$11,142, surpassing it to US$24,267 with 34 days to go at this time of writing. Backers will get a PC demo of the game 24 hours after it’s successfully funded.

Here’s hoping there are some tentacles representing this lovefest. In the meantime, here are more titillating pictures to get you hot and bothered for this incredibly niche fetish.


Author: Team KKP

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