Here’s Why Claptrap Sounds A Little Different In Borderlands 3

If you watched the Borderlands 3 gameplay premiere a few days ago, you notice that Borderlands robot mascot Claptrap sounds a little different. That’s because he’s played by a different actor; specifically a guy named Jim Foronda.

The original voice actor for the bot, David Eddings, was replaced due to a pay dispute.

So why wasn’t he paid for his massive contribution? Well, David was a Gearbox executive, having been a licensing, business and PR guy for the company for projects like Brothers in Arms and Duke Nukem Forever. He did the VO role without additional pay.

He left Gearbox in March 2017 to become head of gaming publishing at Rooster Teeth. Gearbox officially confirmed to IGN that the both of them couldn’t reach to an agreement rates-wise, so they went with Jim Foronda instead.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford said online that the company offered a generous rate for David, but was turned down.

Long story short, it’s just business, but keep in mind that voicework for video games have lower pay than most other gigs in the industry; it’s on par with the lowliest of QA positions. That’s why most of them like Troy Baker end up doing non-gaming work and other projects for extra income; relying on just video game VO is not viable in the short and long run.

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