So there’s this French artist and sculptor named Richard Orlinski who is renowned for his blue/white/red gorilla and t-rex sculpture, all created around the “Born Wild” concept. They’re pretty iconic: here’s a refresher on how they look like:



What’s this got to do with video games? Easy: the renowned artist has taken a stab at recreating Pac-Man in his “Born Wild” image. Bandai Namco announced that it’s selling its limited edition 18-cm resin Pac-Man figurine for 129.99 Euros (RM603.39 give or take).


It’s pretty dang expensive, but it’s slick and is a must-have for your desk(s). You can pre-order them now via the links below; they’ll be available this June.

Pac-Man Orlinski Figurine: Yellow

Pac-Man Orlinski Figurine: Black


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