Want to kick 2D ass with Granblue Fantasy knights and wizards? Then this closed beta session is just for you.

The game is developed by Arc System Works and is published by Cygames, so if you’re familiar with the Guilty Gear/BlazBlue games, you’ll be right at home playing this fighter. Bonus points if you’re familiar with the series’ characters like Gran, Katalina, and Lowain.

Check out this sneak peek courtesy of Cygames and their stable of esports fighters -Fuudo and Daigo- duking it out.

Interested parties and fighters can register right now. Just make sure you have a US/Japanese PSN account handy. The application will close on 25th May at 2pm (GMT+8). Application results will be announced on 28 May.

Here are the timelines for the beta in GMT+8 time:

31st May

5pm – 10pm

1st June

9am – 2pm

2nd June

12am – 5am



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