Capcom’s redemption arc has been a thrill-ride to experience, thanks to the Resident Evil 2 REmake and Devil May Cry 5 earlier this year. Of course, none of it would be possible without the RE Engine it made when it debuted in Resident Evil 7. So it’s only logical it keeps using its propriety engine for their next upcoming titles.

According to a Q&A session following the company’s latest financial results, Capcom said that while it was unable to comment on the specific number of titles or release windows, most of its new titles will be developed internally with the RE Engine.

“[F]rom the early stages of building this engine, we kept the ability to augment it for next-generation development in mind; as such, we view the RE Engine as one of our strengths that will contribute to next-generation game creation.”

So far, the only one we know and that’s confirmed is Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. As for the rest, we’ll have to wait and see until E3 2019 this June. My personal guess? Maybe that Dragon’s Dogma sequel or another Breath of Fire game. I’m just throwing darts in the wind here.



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