Retro Cute-Em-Up Cotton Gets A Reboot; Hooray To All 5 Of You Fans Out There

Does anyone here remember the 1991 arcade 2D shooter classic Cotton which features a pink-haired witch, her shapely skimpy sprite-slash-option, and some pretty dark and dreary graphics for a saccharine game of this stature? No? I’m not surprised.

Well, we’re getting a reboot of this Japanese classic, courtesy of a game company called Beep which is a sales division of Japanese company Sangatsu Usagi no Mori. Called Cotton Reboot, this game will be out for PC, PS4, and Switch.

The reboot will feature a new “Arrange Mode” that will probably remaster the graphics to an acceptable standard for 2019. If you’d rather play the arcade and X68000 version of the game, you will get that in this bundle. Beep also plans to re-release the floppy disk version of Cotton. Remember floppy disks?

Cotton had quite a following back in the 90s, spawning a couple of sequels including a Space Harrier-esque spin-off called Panorama Cotton, which I heard is fetching quite a high price among retro-gaming collectors out there. Here’s some gameplay of the original Cotton in all of its witch anime glory.

No release date has been announced yet.

Author: Mr Toffee

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