Players Rank The Entire Apex Legends’ Arsenal From Best To Bad

The Apex Legends community is a very tightly knit community, especially over at the Apex Legends subreddit. Recently, a member of the community came up with a survey to vote on the people’s go-to characters and weapons. 2000 fellow players chipped in their votes.

Redditor CharlieBeaulieu crunched the data; here are the results.


With the speedster Octane being the latest addition to the roster, he isn’t the top on the list. In fact, the list surprised me as I thought the elusive Wraith would be number one.

“Who’s ready to fly on a zip line? I am!”


Coming in at number one is Pathfinder, with 37% of the players favouring the humourous robot. Pathfinders useful abilities offer players extra verticality in a game where it matters.

The next Legend is Lifeline, with 16.9% of players enjoying her rapid healing and increased survivability. Her ability offers healing in a game where health is a premium.

The other Legends rank as below:

  • Wraith – 11.5%
  • Octane – 9.1%
  • Bangalore – 8.0%
  • Bloodhound – 6.6%
  • Mirage – 4.1%
  • Caustic – 4.0%
  • Gibraltar – 2.8%


The trusty early game weapon to fend yourself before you move on to beefier weapons.


The Wingman leads the pack with 57% of the players favouring the hand cannon, choosing this over the other two;

  • RE-45 – 40.2%
  • P2020 – 3%


The bane of close-range combat (CQC). Surely dominating even with a slow rate of fire, only requiring the precise timing and a semblance of aiming to deal heavy damage.


A majority of 64.4% of the players favour the Peacekeeper thanks to its 11 pellet spray for maximum damage output.

  • EVA8 Auto – 32.7%
  • Mozambique – 2.9%

I’m surprised anyone even voted for the Mozambique shotgun pistol. Well, to each their own I guess.

Sniper Rifles

Having control over a vast, open space can spell victory for your team and here, the sniper rifle holds dominance over long-range control.


That’s why the Longbow DMR scores 64.9% due to its upgradability in terms of attachments and ease of use, balanced with its hefty damage.

  • Triple Take – 20.5%
  • G7 Scout – 14.6%

Assault Rifles

The staple weapon of any FPS, the main dish, the versatile damage-dealer.


It’s no surprise that the R-301 Carbine holds the top spot with a staggering 78.1% of players.

Well, yours truly is guilty of the same as I usually ask my squadmates to ping one of these for me. It’s an 18 round rifle dealing accurate damage over a decent range, and that’s without any upgrades.

Here’s where the rest of the weapon lay;

  • Havoc – 11.6%
  • Hemlok – 7.1%
  • Flatline – 3.2%

No surprise seeing the VK-47 Flatline down there. Absolutely crap tier weapon with unpredictable recoil spraying in all directions even at close range. I’d rather pick up a Mozambique than a Flatline.

Submachine Guns

The distant relatives of the shotguns, ripping anything apart that’s a few metres of the wielder with an insane rate of fire at the cost of low magazine size and lower damage.


The R-99 shreds everything at close range, especially with a barrel mod and extended mag. That’s why 72.9% of the players love it.

  • Prowler – 22.8%
  • Alternator – 4.4%

Machine Guns

Heavy hitters which can double as suppressive fire. Versatile enough for any range provided you have the correct attachments.


The Spitfire wins this category, hailing up to 74.4% of the players thanks to its 180 damage per second, and has a potential 2.8 second tactical reload speed.

The Devotion takes up the rest at 25.6%. It is a deadly squad wiper, but it’s balanced with its hard-to-find ammo, in which it requires a lot.


Or ordnance, whatever you prefer to call them. Very useful utility in certain situations. Having these at hand could possibly shift the delta into your favour.

The Arc Star holds number one with 82.4% of players loving the electric shuriken thanks to its shield breaking damage and it’s slowing effect. Not to mention, it sticks to surfaces.

  • Grenade – 10%
  • Thermite – 7.5%


Now we come to the meat of the conversation. CharlieBeaulieu rounded up the players’ favourite loadout on the battlefield. These are among the most popular weapon combo;

  • Longbow, R-99
  • R-301, R-99
  • Longbow, R-301
  • R-99, Wingman
  • R-301, Prowler

As you can see, there is a mixture of long range and close range specialization, as well as a versatility build. It’s best to communicate with teammates and balancing out the team’s damage potential in terms of range and weapon proficiency.


With the insight provided, players can now adjust their gameplay with statistically proven weapons and loadouts, possibly boosting chances to win.

It’s also fun to see the who’s who of the battlefield, as these chunks of data open up a whole new perspective of the field, giving experienced players an idea on how to counter the meta.

In fact, most of these weapons tally with our complete guide which you can check out here.

So, were your expectations in line with the statistics? Drop a comment below and tell us your favourite loadout.

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