Here’s How You Can Sign Up For The eRacing Grand Prix SEA

Kuala Lumpur was chosen as the inaugural host for the eRacing Grand Prix SEA. The eRacing Grand Prix SEA aims to help virtual racers develop their potential and become stars in motor racing.

Now, you can sign up for the Grand Prix and race your way to the top. Thankfully, the organisers have included this handy flowchart for interested players to sign up.

Eracing How To.jpg

Just head on to the official website here and follow the steps above. The first event will happen on 22 June at Sunway Putra, according to Alex Yoong.

The eRacing Grand Prix SEA is a unique sector of esports. There’s nothing like it in the industry. Why? Because players who will drive for the esports teams are potential picks for actual race teams. This is because the only game where the skills can be transferred to real-life situations is racing, as Alex Yoong, founder of Axle Motorsports, pointed out. Hence the hashtag of #virtualtoreality.


With the support of the government, especially the Ministry of Youth and Sports, this is surely signs of strong growth of esports as well as motorsports in the region.

Author: Syazwan Bahri

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