It’s no surprise to see players racing for kills in a battle royale and Apex Legends is no exception. Today, we are surprised with a new unofficial World Record for the most kills.

Some players take the hard route and try to earn bragging rights by going solo. That person would be Overwatch player Mendokusaii, holding the world record solo for the most kills at 36 kills per game.

Trio kills are easier as the challenge can be coordinated.

The new record of 48 kills is held by Gnaske_Lone_TTV, racking up 14 kills, ya_em_detei_lol, picking up 16 and nOOOK, leading the way with 18.

World Record Game 48 Squad Kills from r/apexlegends

These 48 kills amount to about 80%, or 4/5ths of a lobby. The previous record of 46 held by tevDesertuk, Fyzu, and Wrugb, which had stood since the end of March.

Albeit somewhat controversial on the Apex Legends subreddit, it is a tough feat to kill almost everyone on the server. I myself take pride in killing a single enemy because it’s crushingly hard to take down even one.

Regardless of what or how the record was achieved, the trio successfully raised the bar while streaming live on Twitch to their audience. It’s going to take something special to top this record off considering it takes more luck than skill to get close to this helluva number.

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