Do you like doting hot-headed fiery women who can transform into a dragon to be your next gacha companion? Of course you do, which is why Cygames and Nintendo have finally, FINALLY turned Dragalia Lost‘s most-requested main campaign character into a gacha.

I’m referring to my the community’s waifu, Mym. Or “Gala Mym” in this limited-time event.

Here’s the Japanese version if you want to hear her say “MAII DAH-LING” in that sultry cute accent.

As stated on the official tweet, the Gala Dragalia event has started and lets player gacha this special heroine. Unlike other adventurers who can switch dragons, her shapeshifting powers turns her into Brunhilda (her original form). However, shapeshifting again turns her into High Brunhilda, where her attacks and specials increase tenfold.

She also has the following:

  • Co-abilities that increase party HP by 15%.
  • Has flame attacks, as well as 100% burn immunity.
  • A huge ladyboner for the main character Euden, since she’s dragon-bound to him. This automatically makes all her interactions mostly comedic in nature.

The Gala event will last from 27 May, 2pm to 31 May, 2pm. So have fun blowing your Wyrmite and Tenfold Summon Voucher load and gettin’ this red-headed beauty to your adventurer troupe.

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