The Top 10 Best Legendary Weapon Skins In Apex Legends

Ever since I’ve become Kakuchopurei’s resident Apex Legends player, I’ve come to realise that the collection of Apex Legends skins are quite interesting. I’ve had my share of great looking ones as well as boring skins.

Skins define your personality on the battlefield, so it’s fun to have skins for each weapon, especially Legendary skins. Think of it like flexing your Yeezys or Ultraboosts down the local place, it’s gonna turn heads and provide you with some show-off points to your friends.

The community has recently voted for its top weapons to use on the battlefield, and now we’re ranking our best-looking weapons.

So here’s my take on the top 10 pretty looking Legendary Apex Legends weapon skins starting from number 10.

#10 Cold Justice (G7 Scout)

Cold Justive

The Legendary skin for G7 Scout reminds me of the icy missions in Modern Warfare 2. It’s minimalistic repeating skull pattern and that shroud on the barrel makes it look deadly.

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