Capcom’s “Love Adventure” Game Featuring Two Hot Guys & A Glass Window Out For Switch

Capcom will release a “love adventure” game called Towaware no Palm for the Nintendo Switch in Japan on 30th August. Previously, the game was out on mobile phones back in 2016.

Based on the trailer below, it’s a story about a black-haired guy or a blonde hunk who interacts with you through a mirror at a place they’re residing. And all you can do to interact with them is use touch controls and gyro functionality. In other words, stalker wish fulfilment game goal achieved!

The game can be played either on the TV or undocked in handheld mode. In the latter mode, you can turn the Switch vertically so you can play it like you’re holding a smartphone. Perfect for females and gay gamers who want a bit of male spiciness in their lives, and one extra hand free….

…for holding that glass of whisky while you’re being entertained by your virtual boyfriend. C’mon, have some class!

This is basically not a game genre Capcom taps into that often, unless you count all the slash-fic fans have with Dante and other Street Fighter males that are out there. Will this grand experiment work and bring in the female demographic the company needs?

Author: Team KKP

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