198X Trailer Oozes Of Arcadey Nostalgia, Gets A Release Date

Hi-Bit Studios’ arcade mashup 198X gets a release date and the trailer fires up all the arcade nostalgia stashed away in your inner ’80s gamer kid.

Check out the trailer below and prepare yourself to be hit with waves of nostalgia.

Described as an ‘over-the-top arcade action meets coming-of-age drama’, the game features a bundle of ’80s-inspired games.

The game takes place in Suburbia, just by the city, in the 1980s. The game follows the story of ‘Kid’, an angsty teen stuck in the realm of growth between the teenager days and adulthood. The story kicks off when Kid finds an arcade where he finds new worlds and new meaning in video games. Every time Kid visits the arcade and plays a new game, he grows stronger, but also the line between reality and game begins to blur.

Hi-Bit Studio points out that, “198X is an arcade epic. A coming-of-age story told through multiple games and genres, worlds and characters. Experience the thrill of shooting, driving, jumping, fighting and role-playing – combined with emotional, cinematic storytelling.”

“This is a love letter to the golden age of arcade games – yet with a scope that was never possible in the actual 1980s.”

198X is built upon five different arcade games that allow you to play a beat em’ up, a shoot em’ up, an RPG, a ninja game, and a racing game, within the game. The fully playable games are inspired by classic themes feature multiple stages, settings and mechanics that will invoke memories back to the golden age of arcade gaming.

198X will be available on the PlayStation 4 and PC on 20 June, while versions for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One will be coming soon. No pricing was announced, so we’ll be keeping tabs on that one too.

Author: Syazwan Bahri

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