You Can Now Get Married In Official Pokémon Weddings In Japan

Have you ever dreamed of having a Pokémon-themed wedding one day? Now you can do so just by heading to Japan and asking for the bonafide real deal. ESCRIT, a Japanese company specializing in planning weddings, has teamed up with The Pokémon Company to offer officially-licensed Pokémon weddings.

What does an official Pokémon wedding look like, you ask? Say no more and feast your eyes below.

Everything is adorned with Pokémon-related, from the food to the decorations and even what seems to be the best man and maid of honor. In this case, there will actually be adorable human-sized Pikachu mascots accompanying you as you take your vows. What could be sweeter than that?


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Some people love weddings simply for the amazing food usually served during these occasions. In that regard, the official Pokémon wedding impresses with its plethora of delicious Pokémon-themed dishes.


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Let’s not forget the Pokémon-themed wedding cake either.


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ESCRIT and The Pokémon Company are pulling out all the stops, as even the freaking wedding certificate is no mere piece of paper, but instead an intricately-designed work of art.

Pokemon Wedding Cert

You can start planning your own Pokémon wedding by heading to the official ESCRIT website and registering. However, we have no idea how much it costs to have such a lavish wedding but expect them to be astronomical.

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