Savage Axes: Monster Hunter World Switch Axe And Charge Blade Gets The Iceborne Treatment

I was waiting for this day anxiously to see my main weapon featured in an Iceborne video highlighting their new combos, and as a Charge Blade main, I couldn’t have been more proud.

Today, Capcom teases some new moves for the most technical weapons in the series, the Charge Blade and the Switch Axe. These weapons are hard to master as they have a steep learning curve to obtain that optimal damage-per-second (DPS) numbers, but it offers devastating combos and satisfyingly smooth animations for your troubles.

Check the videos out below!

Charge Blade


Switch Axe

Both of these weapons are sexy and dangerous on the field. The Charge Blade gets a devastating swinging combo as a whirling axe.

The Switch Axe, or more affectionately known as the Swag Axe by the community, gets that marvellous overhead slam and that explodey stab move.

The previous weapons, like the Long Sword, Hunting Horn and the Gunlance, were great, but this one is better! I cannot wait for September to come!

Author: Syazwan Bahri

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