Agile Aces: Capcom Teases Latest Bow And Insect Glaive Combos For Iceborne Expansion


We’re seeing more and more Monster Hunter World: Iceborne updates this week, and now the agile weapons get the limelight.

The versatile ranged weapon, Bow and the aerial maestro, Insect Glaive, gets new moves for the upcoming expansion. Here are the new moves for the more technical weapons.

Insect Glaive


The Insect Glaive gets an updated Kinsect mechanic that allows you to extract multiple essences from a monster, shortening the time for extract farming. The weapon also gets a new plummeting stab which looks definitely cool. Not to mention the awesome mounting twirl attack.

The Bow gets a short-range blast of damage after a string of combos. This is useful when the monster is too close for comfort. It also gets a new melee mounting attack like the other weapons.

We’ve also covered bladed weapons, blunt weapons, the lances, and the technical weapons.

Anyways, the only weapons that haven’t been revealed are the Light Bowgun and the Heavy Bowgun. I’ll be waiting for those to pop up and see what Capcom has in store for us.

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