A month ago, a huge Borderlands fan by the name of Trevor Eastman posted on Reddit that he was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal, stomach, and liver cancer in June 2018. He was given one year to live according to doctors.

He made one request: to be able to play Borderlands 3 early before he passes on. And play it he did. The post was shared by fans and ultimately reached the ears of 2K and Gearbox. Not only did Trevor Eastman get to play a special preview of the game, but the company is naming and creating a gun after him (via Twitter).

It’s called the Compressing Trevanator, which is a Legendary shotgun that can switch between Cryo and Fire element. It also has a property labelled “Trev is gunna get you!”; we don’t know what it does but true to Borderlands fashion it’ll make this Maliwan-branded gun unique.

Here’s how it looks like.


Say what you will about Gearbox Software and its CEO Randy Pitchford. But you cannot deny the fact that the company listens and watches its community with some degree of love and passion. The company also did a tribute to a dead fan back in Borderlands 2; they named one of their NPCs after the fan, Michael Mamaril, who will give Vault Hunters random loot when approached.

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