Pokémon Sword & Shield Will Feature 4-Player Raid Battles For The First Time

Nintendo’s latest Direct video featured a ton of new Pokémon Sword and Shield information. And if you love co-op and MMO raids, you may like these slew of news.

Here are more tidbits from the video.

A Release Date

The game is coming out for Switch on 15th November. It’s this year, so don’t worry!

Co-Op Raids

While the basic turn-based fights with the Pokemon types and whatnot still remain, the co-op raid battles are new. During the new Max Raid Battles, you and three other buddies will fight against big badass Pokémon for a chance to catch rare ones. How do they become big badasses? Through the magic of Dynamaxing.

And yes, you can even Dynamax your own Pokémon. They can go super-saiyan and perform powerful Z-moves for three turns. The best part? All boss battles allow you and your gym leader adversaries to Dynamax your Pokémons. This should make fights even more epic and Godzilla-sized.


Oh, and if you hated Trials from the last Pokémon game, Sword and Shield will bring back traditional gym leader battles.

New Pokémon!

With new regions come new Pokémon. Galar’s Pokémons have a bit of a British flair to them, seeing as the region is based on UK.

We have Wooloo (normal type)…


…Gossifleur (grass type)…


…Drednaw (water/rock type)…


…Corviknight (flying/steel type)…


…Eldegoss (grass type), who evolves from Gossifleur…


…and Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta. Zacian holds a sword while Zamazenta holds a shield. Hence, Pokémon Sword and Shield.


Why am I getting a King Arthur vibe from Zacian? Apart from that, everything from knight crow to the sheep Wooloo screams British aesthetics. You can thank art director James Turner for this slight art shift.


Check out the full video below. Let us know if you’re looking forward to more Pokémon on Facebook.

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