Indie developers have it hard compared to the gigantic studios, casting a shadow over these small creators. It’s like comparing a tugboat to a superyacht. They are financially challenged, as well as having a small set of a team to come up with something to present to the picky audiences which are attracted to the tried-and-tested games from the mainstay studios.

It’s a harsh reality, but take another perspective; even though players are not actively engaging with indie products, it’s the awareness that matters in this situation. Players are exposed to not just indie games, but the concept of independent developers as a whole.

Logically speaking, all odds are against them, until YouTube channel Kinda Funny Games (KFG) stepped into the scene.

The KFG E3 showcase this morning presented to audiences a whopping 61 indie titles, and I’ll tell you this, each one of the 61 titles is magnificent in their own right. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best games from Kinda Funny Games E3 showcase that you’ve probably never heard of until today.


I’ll start off with Tamarin. This cutesy game caught my attention with its breathtaking visuals and colours, and the magnificent world development. I’ll drop a trailer below so that we’re on the same page.

See what I’m talking about? The stunning graphics and the world building are proof that indie games are evolving and are doing so at an impressive rate.

Tamarin 002

The details in the Tamarin’s coat, as well as the vegetation, are immaculate while lighting is done perfectly well to provide that refreshing nature vibe the game is going for.

Tamarin 006

To say this is one of the most visually stunning indie titles showcased this morning is an understatement. It sparks a lot of emotions and joy just tuning into this over and over.


Alright, before I start explaining, watch this trailer. Promise me to watch this trailer before you continue down below. I guarantee you, you will not regret it.

I literally went “WTF?” when I saw the trailer. This is Death Stranding level mindblowing content here. It’s trippy but quality-content trippy.

Keep in mind that this is coming from an indie company and yet the quality and complexity of the puzzles are rivalling those of Portal 2. 

It’s trippy. It’s surreal. It’s promising.

Adams Ascending

The trailer surely looks like the game will be a great game, huh? It ticks all the triple-A game checkboxes; meticulous visuals, melodic soundtracks, engaging gameplay and a gripping story that makes you ask for more. The production value is definitely top-notch in this title.

Adams AScending 2.jpg

Which brings another interesting piece of information that’s about to blow your mind. Ready? This game is developed by one man. Yes, you read that right. His name is Nick DePalo, the sole founder of Parable Worlds.

Adams AScending.jpg

They say no man’s an island, but DePalo has proven otherwise. The title was even held in high regard by Kinda Funny Games.

You can check out the website here and try out a free demo of the game.

Let Them Fly

One of the reasons the PlayStation Plus program took off because of the monthly free games Sony offered to their subscribers, and one of the two games are usually games coming from indie developers.

They have provided these indie devs with an audience, but I’ll be honest, I’ll usually just stash the games in my virtual library to collect virtual dust, overshadowed by numerous triple-A titles, often sharing the same fate as the massive backlog of games in my library; unplayed and forgotten.

My point here is that all these developers need a platform to thrive, but they need to have one that’s sincere in championing their efforts through their already-established influence. Developers are creating wonders, but I’ve asked around and a lot of my gamer peers haven’t even heard of Adams Ascending, let alone most of the other 60 titles presented this morning.

Thanks to Kinda Funny Games, these indie titles are finally getting the limelight they truly deserve. The hardworking developers would also benefit from the showcase as it promotes their brand and studio.

If you’ve noticed, most of these games are the unadulterated forms of the developers’ visions, meaning no publishers are interfering with the development process. It’s the pure embodiment of the developers’ soul, and with soul, lies passion. To them, it’s not about the money, but it’s to materialise their passions.

Give them a platform, and they’ll do wonders. All they need is a pair of wings, and they’ll soar to greater heights.


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