E3 2019: Midnight Ghost Hunt Is A Multiplayer Nod To Ghostbusters


While plenty of shooters, oddball adventures, and big updates for popular action-packed thrillers appeared on the five-year strong PC Gaming Show, Midnight Ghost Hunt stands out as the first-person shoot-fest to look out for. While the idea isn’t new, it is a title to keep an eye on due to the big twist it implements.

From indie-game studio Vaulted Sky Games and long-running games publisher Coffee Stain comes an immersive hide-and-seek team-based hunting shooter. Play as either Ghosts or Ghost Hunters and fight to the last ghoul/man before midnight strikes. The ones doing the hunting will win the game if they manage to rid the map of spirits. If they fail to do so when 12am hits, the tables will turn; the ones hiding will get a major power-up and become major threats.

Hunters have 4-minutes to clean-up the location of all the ghosts or become the prey for vengeful demons when time runs out. During the countdown to midnight, the hunted can possess the furniture and use them to hurt, maim, and kill the hunters.

Players who want to give this a go can now sign-up for the closed alpha and visit the haunted house come Summer 2019. Please keep in mind, this is a hardcore take on Luigi’s Haunted Mansion and will NOT feature adorable spirits or fun puzzles.

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