E3 2019: What You Need To Know About Chivalry 2

Remember Chivalry, the first-person medieval brawler that lets you duel knights online and dismember them? Well, it’s getting a sequel because it sure as heck shouldn’t be upstaged by the likes of Mordhau.

Shown at the E3 PC Gaming Show 2019, Chivalry 2 will be a tremendous improvement over its predecessor. Why? We’ll show you a few reasons why.

It Will Feature Player Counts Up To 64

Chivalry 2 plans to be the biggest multiplayer battle game ever, with a reworked combat system, and a lot of fixes and exploits removal from the first game.

It Will Have More Epic Battlefields

According to a PC Gamer interview with developer Torn Banner Studios’ president Stev Piggott, the game is a “significant re-imagining of how best to bring fans the ultimate medieval battlefield experience”. The best way to do that? Make sure the battlefields are designed well.

“Think Battle of the Bastards from Game of Thrones,” Piggott says. “We’ve built Chivalry 2 from the ground up entirely around the epic sense of chaos and intensity of full-scale medieval war that this scene showcases so well.”

It Will Be A Lot More Focused

Piggott and his team want to make sure Chivalry 2 captures the chaos and intensity of full-scale medieval warfare not just through battlefields and a huge player count for online play.

It wants to do so with a more thorough and focused Team Objective mode, where cinematic battle story maps tell a story and changes objectives based on the game’s current story path. You’ll get to upgrade from squire to knight, while also assisting your knight order in ransacking enemy towns and castles.

It Will Make Combat Less Buggy & More Animated

Speaking of combat fixes, Chivalry 2’s new system will address fighting and duel complaints. “Fans will recognize the basics of the combat mechanics, while also enjoying a new flow that provides a much more natural, fluid and varied experience,” said Piggott. The game’s movement system will be “visually understandable”. Knights and warriors will also get an enhanced moveset for newbies and Chivalry fans more options to fight and/or flee. Not only that, but they also can have their voice-lines changed up so they can quote Shakespeare while stabbing fools.

It Has Horses. Finally

Because Mordhau has horses, a 64-army game like Chivalry 2 should have riders and cavalry helping your team out for glory. Having a horse in a medieval first-person action game is pretty self-explanatory; it gets you to places fast and also makes you a formidable opponent until you get yourself cornered.

The Devs Are Aware Of Mordhau

Yes, we’ve been mentioning that other medieval combat game a lot, but the comparisons are unavoidable. Piggott said he welcomes the competition but throws some shade saying that Chivalry 2 is “just far more ambitious than what others have done or are doing now.”

“We are confident that it’s a game built around what our biggest fans loved about the original: The best sword fighting combat there is, the sense of epic scale, the combat stories that play out organically, the emotions of swarming into battle, and the untouchable Chivalry personality and humour. All of that advanced to the best new heights possible—and with tons of new features thrown into the mix we haven’t touched on yet.”

Chivalry 2 will be out 2020 exclusively for PC via Epic Games Store.

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