E3 2019: Would Tom Clancy Approve The Use Of His Name On A Mobile Game?

Novelist Tom Clancy and his works has inspired game studio Ubisoft into doing gripping war tales and espionage fares like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and Splinter Cell. As such, he wouldn’t mind having his name on said titles if he were still alive today.

I do wonder if he would feel the same when his name is slapped onto a mobile game, called Tom Clancy’s Elite Agents, which has next to nothing to do with gripping political drama related to real-life events. Probably not, especially if the mobile game is just like every other real-time RPG involving up to 5 characters in a party defeating waves of enemies and levelling up in obtuse ways.

But hey, you get to play your favourite Tom Clancy characters like Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, some lady with a gun and backpack in The Division, and the bearded guy in Ghost Recon. This isn’t exactly like your all-star games with Nintendo or Sega characters, you know?

No, really. Watch the gameplay trailer below. It’s basically Dot Arena, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, and all those other South Korean RPGs but with guns and grenades instead of swords and lightsabers.

There’s no release date for this mobile game as of yet.

Author: Mr Toffee

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