Last year, we were given a brief tease of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake, because I highly doubt gamers of today can go back to the top-down Game Boy monochrome aesthetics.

Thankfully, fans and even curious action adventure connoisseurs who rather play the colourful remake won’t have to wait too long: the remake will be out 20th September this year for Nintendo Switch. We get to take a look at the many top-down and 2D side-scrolling segments of the game, but now with more tilt shifts and “miniature faking” style of presentation.

Not only will you get to play on Koholint Island and sort out dreamscapes, but you can also build your own dungeons via Chamber Dungeons. You can collect levels that you’ve visited in the main game, and then bring it to some creepy gravedigger who lets you arrange them on a template dungeon board.

You then explore and loot for stuff there. I’m not sure if you can share dungeon designs, or whether it’ll give you Super Mario Maker-level tools to tweak your dream underlevel; we’ll find out more in the near future.

Doesn’t matter: this is the kind of remake I can get behind, especially when it can introduce a lot more Nintendo fans who weren’t in tune with the 90s style of portable gaming back in the day.

Oh, and the game is getting its own Amiibo too, in the form of SD Link. Isn’t he adorable?




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