Google Stadia is Google’s take on the growing trend of streaming subscriptions. Everyone is taking a piece of the cake at the moment, even the upcoming PlayStation 5 is focused on streaming. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a win-win situation for developers and players alike. But with streaming, lies the challenge of infrastructure, or internet connection speeds to be precise.

Google Stadia requires connection speeds of above 10Mbps, that’s megabits per second, to perform optimally. While you can run the subscription service with the bare minimum of 10Mbps, you’ll only get basic graphics and audio.

Well, how do you gauge your connection if it’s good enough for Stadia? Look no further, Google has you covered with their speed test that will explain your gaming performance with Stadia. You can check your speed out here.

Google Stadia test.jpg

For accurate results, Google has reminded users to stop current downloads or file sharing and close other tabs or streaming services like videos and music.

Here’s a breakdown of the required speeds and benefits you gain from having faster speeds.


So, with that out of the way, will you be looking forward to the Stadia streaming service? I would definitely look into it, provided that my internet connection is blazing fast enough to stream at least 1080p.



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