UPDATE: Apex Legends’ official Twitter account just dropped this. It’s happening!

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A few weeks ago, Respawn teased players with a cryptic datalog hinting at the movement of Rosie the Leviathan. In the tease, it states that something is causing distress to the creature. What is it? We don’t know yet, but we reckon it’s something big.

In fact, today players have noticed that Rosie is now facing the King’s Canyon. Is it going to make a move to the landmass before Season 2? We’ll see in a few weeks.

Apex Legends Leviathan facing land
Credit u/GachiPls_DidntSave

That’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg in today’s story.

Here Be Dragons

Players have found random appearances of Flyers around the map, and the community is losing their minds over all these creatures. Flyers are creatures from the Titanfall lore.

Apex Legends Flyer.jpg
Credit u/CharmingImpact

The subreddit is getting more crowded than Skull Town during a sweaty hot drop with posts of these encounters with the dragons.

Apex Legends Dragons.png
Credit u/Sutso

The Flyers aren’t hostile at the moment, but players are shooting them down the moment they see one. So that might be changing when Season 2 drops.

The Flyers carry blue, purple or gold death boxes, so shooting them down gives you a free valuable death box. The boxes have random player names, which is said to be the names from your friends list.

Pathfinder can grapple these Flyers but you can’t physically land on it.

What Does This Mean?

This sounds like a tease before Season 2 drops, similar to how Octane’s jump pad was teased before he was released. It’s also possible to see another alien species in the game, the Prowlers.

Titanfall 2 Prowler.jpg
The Prowler

These beasts can stand multiple shots from the Mastiff shotgun in Titanfall 2. I hope they won’t be hostile nor as tough as their cousins found in Titanfall 2.

The appearance of creatures on the map would mean the Repulsor facility is already faulty. The Repulsor is a facility that keeps monsters at bay using sound at a frequency inaudible to human ears, that is extremely loud and piercing to animals that can hear it.

Does this mean Rosie and the other Leviathan can finally step onto King’s Canyon? Theoretically, yes. The Repulsor tower was broken in one of the promo pieces.

Apex Legends broken repulsor.png
Credit u/FrozenFroh

The Leviathans might shift the map by trampling on certain areas, altering the landmass or something similar. I reckon we won’t be playing on the same map as we know now.

This is going to be a massive season for Apex Legends‘ players all over the world. The game will also see many changes to almost the entire Apex Legends‘ weapon arsenal.

Apex Legends Season 2, Battle Charge, is hot dropping soon on 2 July.


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