In case you haven’t heard, Auto Chess is a really popular thing. Imagine a turn-based game where you lay out your chess piece units onto the battlefield, position them for a good 30 seconds, then see them go to town against mobs and other player pieces. That’s the gist; you win by being the last person standing among 8 players for the whole fight. And to think the mod all started on Dota 2, which itself had humble beginnings as a mod.

Now it’s League of Legends‘ turn to have a mod ala Auto Chess; it’s called Teamfight Tactics and it’s now live on the game’s PBE servers. And already it’s on the top of the Twitch charts. The mod is at 127k viewers, beating out Fortnite, GTA V, and League of Legends.


While still a beta and riddled with bugs, the game is still quite a hoot to play for LoL fans and MOBA lovers who prefer the character designs from Riot Games. Keep in mind that LoL’s patch 9.13 will be out to hopefully iron out these problems.

With Dota Underlords out courtesy of Valve and a standalone Auto Chess game on Epic Games Store, the auto-battling genre (as I like to call it) is going full swing and will make these next few months interesting to watch. Teamfight Tactics will be out in full on 25 June, tentatively.

Sounds Exciting. How Do I Play Teamfight Tactics?

Simple. You need a PBE account on League of Legends. You need to acquire at least honor level three and a close-to-one-year account. Once you have those conditions sorted, you can go here to signup.

In other words, if you’ve been playing LoL for a long time, you’ll get into this no problem. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until it’s out on live servers.




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