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Drodo’s popular hit game, Auto Chess, is now available on iOS and Android, and tons of MOBA players are enjoying the game. In fact, Auto Chess is coming to PC via Epic Games Store since Drodo broke off with Valve to create their own version, prompting Valve to come up with Dota Underlords, which is played in a similar vein. Hell, Riot Games has its own version too.

Auto Chess is basically the same game as Dota 2 Auto Chess, retaining the same mechanics without the Dota 2 aesthetics. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

The game is still in its infancy, which means players of all backgrounds are still figuring out the best strategies in becoming the sage of the chessboard. For this guide, we will be using the names from Auto Chess Origins and Auto Chess for Android and iOS devices respectively.

The Basics: Getting Started


Auto Chess pits 8 players over multiple rounds. The goal is to be the last person standing.

The game starts by purchasing a chess piece with Gold. You’ll be fighting AI creeps for first three rounds. This is so you can build up your Gold economy as well as your items. After the creep rounds, you’ll be facing the other players in the same fashion.

If you battle AI units, they will occasionally drop items which you can pick up by tapping on them. If you battle other players, no items will drop. However, if you win, you’ll deal damage to the opponent’s health based on how many of your pieces remain on the board. Conversely, you’ll lose health if all of your pieces are destroyed.

Chess Pieces

Chest Pieces have either an active or passive ability. These pieces will cast their active skill once the mana bar is full. Pieces gain mana when inflicting damage. Some pieces gain mana faster than others. Certain items boost mana generation = More abilities cast.

Chess Pieces can be combined to become powerful units. Three chess pieces of the same level can be combined to the next tier. For example, to create a Two-Star Unit, you need to combine three One-Star Unit. Same goes to Three-Star Units, you’ll need to combine three Two-Star Units.

Each piece has an inherent race that could be exploited to your benefit. Place multiple pieces of the same race on the board and it’ll confer a special unit bonus. You can tap the icons towards the top right of the screen to see what buffs are active at any time during the match, or how many units of a particular race you need to meet the next requirement.

The level of your avatar, the green goblin dude, determines how many pieces can be on the board at one moment. Higher levels also unlock higher rarity pieces with AOE abilities or higher damages.

Gold Economy

It’s important to keep an eye at your Gold because it is used to buy chess pieces as well as upgrade your avatar. So don’t spend it all in one go.

Gold is also used to reroll what the Piece Store offers you for 2 Gold.

You can also boost your avatar’s EXP using 5 Gold.

Piece Lineup


And now comes the meat of the game. Your lineup determines the outcome of the battle. There are 10 classes in the game. Here’s the breakdown of the units:

  • Assassin 
    • Soul Breaker (1 Gold)
    • Water Spirit (2 Gold)
    • Phantom Queen (2 Gold)
    • Abyssal Crawler (2 Gold)
    • Lord of Sand (3 Gold)
    • Viper (3 Gold)
    • Shadow Crawler (3 Gold)
    • Shining Assassin (4 Gold)
  • Druid
    • Unicorn (1 Gold)
    • Wisper Seer (2 Gold)
    • Warpwood Sage (2 Gold)
    • Razorclaw (4 Gold)
  • Hunter
    • Egersis Ranger (1 Gold)
    • Skull Hunter (2 Gold)
    • Dwarf Sniper (3 Gold)
    • Wind Ranger (3 Gold)
    • Siren (4 Gold)
    • Tsunami Stalker (5 Gold)
  • Knight
    • Frost Knight (1 Gold)
    • Hell Knight (2 Gold)
    • Lightblade Knight (2 Gold)
    • Evil Knight (3 Gold)
    • Argali Knight (3 Gold)
    • Dragon Knight (4 Gold)
  • Mage
    • Ogre Mage (1 Gold) 
    • The Source (2 Gold
    • Shining Dragon (2 Gold)
    • Flaming Wizard (3 Gold)
    • Thunder Spirit (3 Gold)
    • Tortola Elder (4 Gold)
    • Blight Sorcerer (5 Gold)
  • Mech
    • Sky Breaker (1 Gold)
    • Heaven Bomber (1 Gold)
    • Ripper (2 Gold)
    • Devastator (4 Gold)
  • Shaman
    • Defector (1 Gold)
    • Storm Shaman (4 Gold)
  • Warlock
    • Desperate Doctor (2 Gold)
    • Shadow Devil (3 Gold)
    • Poisonous Worm (3 Gold)
    • Venomancer (4 Gold)
    • Soul Reaper (4 Gold)
    • Dark Spirit (5 Gold)
  • Warrior
    • Tusk Champion (1 Gold)
    • Redaxe Chief (1 Gold)
    • Stone Spirit (1 Gold)
    • Abyssal Guard (2 Gold)
    • Swordman (2 Gold)
    • Werewolf (3 Gold)
    • Pirate Captain (4 Gold)
    • Berserker (4 Gold)
    • Doom Arbiter (4 Gold)
  • Witcher
    • Taboo Witcher (1 Gold)
    • Fallen Witcher (3 Gold)

Find units who can disable, such as the Pirate Captain with his Ghost Ship ability which can stun multiple units in the vicinity. Also prioritize units who can help keep your tanks and damage-dealers alive like Unicorn, or keep their mana pool stocked up like The Source.

Whenever you start a new round, you can reroll what you have offered for 2 Gold, or lock the offer when you want a piece but is running low on Gold. When you lock your offer, you won’t be dealt with a new offer in the next round.

Piece Positioning: Getting To “Higher” Ground

Positioning is key to keep yourself from being trampled over the board.

In essence: Place melee units in front of the line and ranged at the back. This strategy goes deeper than it actually is. You are advised to place tank units in front as they aggro and absorb most of the opponents’ damage output while ranged units dish out damage.

We also found out that the Stone Spirit and Redaxe Chief are perfect candidates to place close to the front, while the Dwarven Sniper is best placed behind for optimum efficiency. Much like any fight, put the high HP guys in the front and the squishy gunners/ranged folks at the back.

However, be careful of flankers. Some enemy units, especially Assassins, tend to jump and flank your units, causing your line to break. Counter this by placing a tank or melee unit at the backmost row.

Auto Chess Shell formation.jpeg
Shell formation.

You can also create a shell formation. This is when you gather all your squishy units in the corner while having all the tanky unit’s like a shell. This strat causes the enemy unit to attack the tankiest unit, in the case the Redaxe Chief, while your other units close in. There is also close to no space for flanking attacks.


When your enemies are starting to have units with AOE ability, you can spread your pieces to three a side or similar. Getting caught in Pirate Captain’s Ghost Ship while in Shell Formation isn’t something you want.

All this depends on what piece are dealt with you so act accordingly. You don’t need to stick with one formation, always be on your feet.

NEXT: Items, Encyclopedia, & Misc.

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