Heroes Of The Storm Still Has Mecha Events Despite Being ‘Dead’

It seems that Blizzard still has faith in its MOBA game Heroes Of The Storm, despite the fact that the game’s player base has pretty much dried out since its initial launch in 2015. The company has announced that Heroes Of The Storm Mechastorm II event is now live for all players.

In Heroes Of The Storm Mechastorm II, the Xenotech invasion led by Mecha Malthael threatens the Nexus once again with the goal of destroying Neo-Stormwind. Players must stand together with Mecha Valla and Mecha Yrel of MechaStorm to help put Mecha Malthael and Xenotech’s devious plans to a halt.

Here are all the new skins as part of the event:

  • New Mecha Yrel Skin
  • New Mecha Valla Skin
  • New Xenotech Malthael Skin
  • New Seraph Wing Mount

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Players can take part in the MechaStorm II Quest to earn Mecha-themed sprays, portraits, loot chests and unlock Tyrael the Hero, as well as the unique Perfect Mecha Tyrael skin.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below.


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