The One Punch Man manga/anime is a classic example of a superhero show that turns the genre upside its head with a swift uppercut. It focuses on a guy named Saitama who one-hit kills bad guys in his path, and how he’s integrated into a society filled with class-ranked heroes -ie: not very well because of his dopey look hiding his OPness.

Now you get to play a game featuring this guy and his motley crew of cyborgs and retired superheroes in a card RPG title for, of course, iOS and Android. The game will be ready this 16th September, though you can pre-register for the game right now.

The card RPG game will cover the show’s first season; later seasons & heroes will be put into the game as future content. So far it’s looking like an isometric turn-based strategy game with cards. Should be fun to kill time as Saitama and the gang later this year on your phone.


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