The first-ever Auto Chess Invitational is going to happen, courtesy of developers Drodo Studio. And it’s offering a huge sum of US$1 million in prizes.

The tournament’s global qualifiers will start in early August and will feature “online and offline events” to get the game’s community on board. The qualifying teams will then join those who are invited to fight in the finals in Shanghai, China.


This tournament is a joint effort between Drodo, Dragonest Network, and ImbaTV, so you can thank them for cashing in on this pioneering effort to see who is the best auto-battler and piece positioner out there using facsimiles of Dota characters. Who already are copies of WarCraft III heroes. Yikes….

But wait, if the PC version is not ready yet, how can tournament players practice? Easy: just play the iOS and Android versions on your phones; it’s called Auto Chess Origin. Pro players should use that version of the game for now.

If you want to get started on your Auto Battler tournament player journey, why not check out our sweet guide? 


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