The Best Dota Underlords Alliances You Should Focus On


See those coloured icons on your pieces and units? That’s the alliance they represent. Buy and place up to three or more units of the same alliance to get a stacked bonus that will help your team out for the entire game. Here are the best ones you should mix and match for a good game.



  • (2x) Knight units take 25% less physical and magic damage when standing 1 cell away from another knight
  • (4x) Knight units take 35% less physical and magic damage when standing 1 cell away from another knight
  • (6x) Knight units take 50% less physical and magic damage when standing 1 cell away from another knight

All of the buffs for this alliance revolves around keeping your Knight heroes together at all times, so they are naturally vulnerable to AoE damage and pure damage. Think of them as shields to take the hit for your Assassin/Elusives. Thanks to the recent nerf to particular alliances, the Knights are at the top of the game. Just be sure to complement these guys with high DPS units like the Sniper.


  • (3x) Elusive units gain +20% evasion
  • (6x) Elusive units gain +45% evasion
  • (9x) Elusive units gain +75% evasion

Not explicitly a defensive alliance, the Elusive alliance is, however, a great defensive synergy. The team-wide buffs give you a great chance of evading a lot of incoming melee damage. There is another perk from this, which is that missed attacks result in your enemy’s mana not restoring as quickly, which can halt combos dead.

There are a lot of powerful Elusive heroes to pick from, making this a versatile composition to run and discipline with.


  • (3x) Warriors gain +10 armour
  • (6x) Warriors gain +15 armour
  • (9x) Warriors gain +25 armour

Many believe the Warrior to be the strongest defensive alliance in the game and it’s pretty easy to see why. For starters, it only takes a 3-stack of Warrior heroes to get a whopping armour buff across your whole team.

This pairs nicely with healing and magic resist alliances like Scaled and Warlock, offering a very complete defence-oriented comp. If you’ve got space, Savage and Troll are also great to mix in due to their teamwide attack buffs.



  • (3x) Assassins gain a 10% chance to critical hit for 300% damage
  • (6x) Assassins gain a 20% chance to critical hit for 400% damage
  • (9x) Assassins gain a 30% chance to critical hit for 500% damage

Critical hits don’t miss in Dota Underlords, making the Assassin alliance the only one capable of dealing with Elusive enemies. This alliance also allows you to leapfrog frontliners and great up positions, making this one of the best comps for dealing with the Knight, Ranged, or Mage alliances.

However, this lethality only really hits its stride with the 9-stack bonus, leaving you with very few options for synergizing with other alliances. Plus, Assassins are generally squishy and will die quick from AoE attacks if your piece placement isn’t up to snuff.

They recently went down a tier, but they’re still a force to be reckoned with.


  • (2x) Allies gain +15% lifesteal
  • (4x) Allies gain +30% lifesteal
  • (6x) Allies gain +50% lifesteal

Lifesteal is an incredibly potent trait that keeps all of your units in the battle for longer and will help you win any prolonged battles. This makes the Warlock alliance a very strong defensive setup to synergise an attack with and as it requires attacks to heal, you’re best off pairing it with an alliance like Troll, Hunter, or Assassin.

The other benefit of the Warlock alliance is that you can activate the smallest bonus with just two heroes, making this a strategy you can mix and match with ease.


  • (2x) Enemies suffer -5 armor
  • (4x) Enemies suffer -10 armor
  • (6x) Enemies suffer -20 armor

A very simple buff, but one that will make every stage of a match much easier for your heroes. On top of that, this is also a highly flexible alliance and you should find it easy to build up from heroes and comps you’re already establishing, such as in the Knight, Warrior, and Hunter alliances.


  • (2x) Allies gain +10% attack damage
  • (4x) Allies gain +25% attack damage
  • (6x) Allies gain +45% attack damage

A great alliance to synergise with a defensive comp, Savage heroes will offer a simple, but incredibly effective damage buff across your whole team. Pair with a low damage Alliance like Knight, Elusive, or Warrior. You also don’t need to chase the 9-stack Savage bonus as the first two reward tiers are both easy to attain and highly effective.


  • (3x) 20% chance of rapidly performing 2 attacks
  • (6x) 35% chance of rapidly performing 2 attacks

Squishy, yet very lethal: the Hunter alliance is formidable provided you have a defensive partnership to keep them alive. You’ll also need to watch out for a rival Assassin alliance as this build quickly falls apart if the enemy can circumvent your frontliners. Expect a very strong synergy with Heartless, Scaled, and Elusive alliances – the three-stack bonus should be all you need to make this comp work.




  • (1x) – Demon units gain +50% pure damage. Active when you have only one type of Demon unit on the board

An alliance of one that works as long as you focus on him/her. The second you add another Demon to your board you lose out on a neat +50% pure damage buff.

Each of the four Demon heroes is individually strong and can fit seamlessly into other comps. For example, Shadow Fiend slots into Mage, Chaos Knight into Knight, Queen of Pain in Assassins, and Doom is a Warrior.


  • (2x) When hit, Primordial units have a 30% chance to disarm melee attackers for 4 seconds
  • (4x) When hit, allies units have a 30% chance to disarm melee attackers for 4 seconds

Another handy alliance for the early game where Primordial frontliners can cause teams a lot of problems. While this comp relies a bit on luck at times, getting another alliance to sync up with its disarming ability is pretty nifty.


  • (2x) Human units gain a 20% Chance to silence target for 4 seconds when attacking.
  • (4x) Human units gain a 44% Chance to silence target for 4 seconds when attacking.
  • (6x) Human units gain a 66% Chance to silence target for 4 seconds when attacking.

Lots of heroes from the Mage, Knight, and Warrior alliance also belong to the Human alliance. Which means you can get a set bonus pretty easily with this comp. The benefits are tricky to notice in most cases, but can make a huge difference in the late game where stopping an enemy from casting can give your team the edge, especially if it’s a Tidehunter.


  • (2x) Allies gain +30% magic resistance
  • (4x) Allies gain +50% magic resistance

A very powerful alliance to form if you notice other teams gearing up for mage comps. The effect is easy to trigger with only a 4-stack needed, and the effects spread to all allies as soon as you have two Scaled heroes on the board, and if you just want two of these then Tidehunter is easily one of the best standalone heroes in Underlords, with Medusa not too far behind.


  • (2x) Troll units gain +35 attack speed
  • (4x) Troll units gain +65 attack speed and other allies gain +30 Attack Speed

In terms of raw damage, you can’t get much better than the Troll alliance. With a 4-stack bonus your crew’s DPS will go through the roof. Pair these guys with the low-damage Knight alliance for a solid melee crew, while pairing with Warlock will mean a high healing rate via Lifesteal. The only real threat to a good Troll comp is an Elusive stack.



  • (3x) Dragon units start combat with full mana

As a pretty small alliance of just three, this is a great way to flesh out a Knight comp, which maxes out with nine heroes. All three heroes in this alliance are very strong, but there’s a powerful strategy in which a Dragon Knight is placed behind frontliner Knights in order to keep this high damage unit in the fight for as long as possible. If you’re feeling brave and don’t mind losing HP for the long game, go for the Knight/Dragon comp.


  • (3x) A Random ally is granted +15 Armor and +10 HP Regeneration
  • (6x) Allies gain +15 Armor and +10 HP Regeneration

There’s a lot of crossover with the Inventor alliance due to the unit pool, but if you can unlock the 6x alliance reward then Scrappy can be used in late game as well as early on. You may struggle to get a 5-cost Techie into your roster, but if you can then pairing this Alliance with either high magic resist or lifesteal can you give you great results.

Demon Hunter

  • (1x) Invalidate your opponent’s Demon alliance bonus
  • (2x) Invalidate your opponent’s Demon alliance bonus. Demon units gain +50% pure damage

The Demon and Demon Hunter synergy is pretty strong, but it’s also very demanding leaving little room for any other alliances. The two heroes from the Demon Hunter Alliance, Anti-Mage and Terrorblade, are both fine heroes on their own, so together with some Demon heroes backing them up, this can be a solid Underlords build.


  • (2x) Deadeye units focus their attacks on the lowest-health enemy
    This is a strong alliance if you can get it on the board, however as

Gyrocopter is a 5-cost unit that isn’t something you can usually bank on. However, if you’re running a Hunter comp, you should snap one up fast if you spot it.

These snipers are great for finishing off low-health targets and can have a huge impact in close rounds. With only two heroes, you can’t build a team out of this alliance, but as an addition to a comp they’re pretty handy.


  • (2x) All Brawny units have their maximum HP increased by 200
  • (4x) All Brawny units have their maximum HP increased by 500

Great against mages all the way through the match because of their high health pool, these solid front-liners are great in the early and mid game. However, they simply can’t keep up when high damage enemies start appearing.

Low Tier


  • (3x) Enemies suffer -40% Magic Resistance
  • (6x) Enemies suffer -100% Magic Resistance

With seven different Mage aligned heroes, there’s plenty of choice here, but the Alliance bonus isn’t particularly strong unless you can weave in some more damaging spell-slingers outside of the Mage alliance: Shadow Fiend and Disruptor both dish out high splash damage.

However, this comp can fall apart when coming up against any heroes with magic resist or immunity items.


  • (2x) The lowest star ally druid is upgraded a level
  • (4x) The 2 lowest star ally druid is upgraded a level each

If you can upgrade your early game druids fairly quickly then this Alliance is pretty strong all the way up to the late game. However, aside from Treant Protector and Lone Druid, the other heroes in this pool are weak as individuals, making this a supplementary alliance rather than one you want to build your comp around.


  • (2x) Inventors gain +15 HP Regeneration
  • (4x) Inventors gain +40 HP Regeneration

The best of a bad bunch, the Inventor alliance absolutely dominates early on and contains a couple of low-cost heroes making it easy to get a few upgraded heroes into your comp. However, this Alliance is weak as you approach the end of the game, with the HP regeneration nowhere near enough to help deal with high damage enemies.


  • (3x) A random enemy is turned into a frog for six seconds at the start of a round

Shamans are great at limiting your opponents initial DPS, but its random results can vary wildly. With only one tier reward and three heroes needed to activate it, the Shaman alliance is currently weak and tough to work into a comp.


  • (2x) When a Blood-bound unit dies, all other Blood-bound units +100% attack damage for the rest of the battle

With only two Dota Underlords hero carrying this alliance and only one tier to the alliance, there’s really not much to be gained by opting for this alliance and no way to build a comp around it. For now.

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