The Best Dota Underlords Comp To Win Matches With


These are our picks of the best builds to help you win some games, or at least not end up dead last.

Knight Hunter Build

Heroes: Medusa, Drow Ranger, Tidehunter, Luna, Chaos Knight, Omniknight, Dragon Knight, Abbaddon, Batrider, Troll Warlord

Alliances: 6x Knight, 1x Demon, 2x Human, 3x Hunter, 2x Scaled, 2x Troll, 2x Heartless

Why this comp works: With maxed-out Knight, you get to halve all physical and magical damage coming your way; just make sure your Knights are one cell away. The Hunter and Troll alliance will help with the damage-dealing bits exponentially.

Warrior Assassin Build

Heroes: Tiny, Juggernaut, Axe, Slardar, Tusk, Lycan, Doom, Slark, Morphling, Bloodseeker

Alliances: 2x Brawny, 2x Savage, 1x Demon, 6x Warrior, 2x Scaled, 2x Primordial, 3x Assassin, 2x Human

This combination of HP and DPS makes for a great basic comp where half the time, you can at least get more Warriors than you need. Plus, you can sub some heroes; you can exchange Bloodseeker for others like Templar Assassin or Sand King for that added flexibility.

Place your Assassins at the far back so that they can start shredding the enemy’s backline. Your Warriors should be soaking up damage and aggroing. Easy strategy, to be frank. Just be prepared for counterattacks and mix up the piece placements.

Hunter Build

Heroes: Wind Ranger, Drow Ranger, Medusa, Tidehunter, Sniper, Mirana, Doom, Tusk, Tiny, Phantom Assassin

Alliances: 6x Hunter, 3x Elusive, 3x Warrior, 2x Scaled, 1x Demon

Be prepared to lose a few rounds with this build; this one’s meant for the long game. While the Scaled and Elusive alliances are beneficial in mitigating damage, think of these buffs as preventing maximum loss damage when going through rounds. You’ll be getting more gold from losing streaks and interests.

When the Hunter alliances are at 6 heroes and when you get Phantom Assassin, the pain commences.



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