Here’s How To Easily Find Flyers In Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment started teasing dragons, or flyers as they’re called in-game, a few weeks ago in the Apex Legends Season 2 trailer at E3 2019. These flyers have started spawning in the game now, and if players are wondering how to find these elusive creatures, here’s how.

Reddit user FrozenFohFrozenFoh is a prominent poster on the official Apex Legends subreddits, with guides and leak insights galore. His latest upload details all the known spawn locations for flyers in the battle royale game.

As of now, the eastern side of King’s Canyon seems strangely devoid of flyers, which fans speculate to be caused by the presence of the tall trees or Nessy the Loch Ness monster. The southern side of the map remains the best locations for encountering flyers, with the Water Treatment most probably the best place with a whopping three spawn locations there alone.

Apex Legends Flyer Spawn Locations

Why Are These Flyers Spawning In Apex Legends?

There’s still no explanation as to why these flyers are spawning in the game. As of now, Apex Legends data-miner @That1MiningGuy posted on Twitter about his theory that these flyers are just scouts for larger dragons to arrive.

The arrival of massive Leviathans might be imminent, so players might have to face different map structures and situations in Apex Legends Season 2. In the meantime, check out the E3 2019 trailer below.


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