Jjonak, whom everyone knows as the world’s best Zenyatta player and Overwatch League’s MVP of 2018, is getting his own in-game skin thanks to Blizzard.

The Zenyatta skin will be octopus-themed and coloured pink with some New York Excelsior blues and reds for Zenyatta’s frame -he is a fan of pink and octopi. It will hit servers next week from 27 June to 14 July and will cost you 200 tokens/US$10.

Check out the making of the skin below as well as Jjonak’s fanboy reaction to a skin made in his honour. Note the cool detailing of Zenyatta’s octopi head.


Trivia: Jjonak’s nickname is a shortened version of “jjomullak nakji”, which translates to “fumbling octopus”.

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