Autochess is the latest trend to hit the games industry. Heck, even popular games like Dota 2¬†and League of Legends are not exempted. The next major game to join the fad is none other than Valve’s shooter multiplayer game franchise, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO.

A post on the CS: GO subreddit recently revealed that players are attempting to make an Autochess version of the game. In the video below, the CS: GO Autochess looks to be in its very early development stages, as two characters can be seen trading blows with their weapons.

The comments underneath the post discuss how different weapons might interact with each other. For example, a character wielding knives would be limited to attacking at close melee range, as opposed to those with sniper rifles who can attack from many grids away in relative safety.

Items like body armor, helmets, tasers, and grenades might also be utilized in different situations. Check out the short clip showcasing CS: GO Autochess below.


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