Gaming peripherals giant Razer Brazil has severed all ties with female Brazillian streamer Gabriela ‘Gabi’ Cattuzzo due to “prejudice against men” after a tweet in which she defended herself against sexist online harassers with the phrase “men are trash” invited controversy.

It all started when Gabi Catuzzo posted a picture of herself riding a mechanical bull on Twitter. A user then replied with a misogynist comment: “You can ride me at ease.”, which prompted her to reply in kind (translated via Metro Jornal Brazil):

“You’re always going to have a fucking male to talk to and sexualize a woman even when the woman is making a joke, right?

That’s why man is trash.”

Soon after Gabi posted her reply, another user criticized her comment for being too over-generalized. She responded to this statement with another reply, which further riled up her male followers even more:

“When you say that sort of thing, the guys come and say “not every man”.

Man who is not shit are the exception, not the majority.”

You can check these posts and replies (which has since been deleted, presumably by Gabi herself) in the pictures in the tweet by @ayubrazil below, though they’re all in Portuguese.

After that, Gabi started receiving more online harassment and even death threats against not only herself but her family as well. The user @ayubrazil (see above) was the first to call for an end to Gabi’s contract with Razer. There’s even reportedly a public petition that calls for the same thing, which has garnered over 900 signatures as of 24 June 2019.

An excerpt from a live broadcast of Gabi later resurfaced and was circulated online, in which she reportedly defended herself against male harassers by cursing them while on a live stream.

In response to all of this, Razer Brazil posted their official statement online, clarifying that Gabi was never an ambassador of the brand but that she was actually part of a team of influencers hired to promote their products:

“Razer Brazil reinforces that the opinion of its influencers does not represent or necessarily reflect the opinion of the company, which is totally contrary to any kind of discrimination … or any kind of intolerance and extremism.”

Since then, Gabi has posted her side of the story on Twitter and announced that she will temporarily be withdrawing from all social media for the time being.

Razer Brazil’s action against Gabi has already garnered backlash from gamers from the rest of the world, especially on online forums like Resetera. It remains to be seen what the consequences will be for the gaming peripherals giant.

Shaving off this Brazillian streamer has gotten Razer in one hairy situation.



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