Respawn and EA dropped two spine-tingling trailers for Apex Legends’ upcoming Season 2 last night and we just can’t stop wondering what’s in store for us come July 2nd. While everyone else have been discussing loads about the skydive emote, new skins and a potentially new legend, we had our eyes fixated on the new changes Respawn has given to King’s Canyon.

So without further ado, here are the changes we’ve spotted done towards King’s Canyon (so far).


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The village that’s built on the river which cuts through Cascades is now pretty much wiped out. As shown later in the trailer, the destruction was caused by the leviathans which invaded the island and while this incident reduced the number of indoor hiding space, it creates an uneven terrain granting spots for sneaky players to pull off flanking maneuvers.

Cascades – River

leviathan in cascades

One of the most memorable moments in the trailer saw Mirage getting stomped on by a leviathan. Apart from the stomping foot, you can also spot the hind leg of supposedly the same behemoth in the background. We aren’t sure how does the leviathans affect an actual round but if we are to guess, they will spawn randomly throughout the map, slowly moving across the map in a preset path. In this case, Mirage happens to be standing in its way.

Cascades – North

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With the destruction of the village, (we think) a new installation will be erected near the path connecting Cascades to Slum Lakes.

cages in cascades

This installation will have several cages housing the fliers – whether these beasts pose a threat to players remains to be seen but from the quick screenshot above, you can spot one of the orange variety in captive instead of the blue ones which was seen trying to attack Wattson in the cinematic trailer.

Cascades – East Hill

cascades new installation

And lastly, in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, a new complex overseeing Cascades seems to have been built along the hills.


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The bridges are gone, as well as that huge arch which separates the area from the southern part of the island. As you can see from the screengrab above, the Repulsor platform is clearly visible, dwarfed by two leviathan legs.

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In the area linking Bridges to Hydro Dam, a leviathan ribcage once lie will soon be replaced with a tower which should be a sniper’s haven. However, since there’s no natural cover for those perched at the top of this structure, this could also be a deathtrap as enemy squads can pop up from any direction.

hydrodam-bridges after angle 2

From this angle, we can see that the balcony which oversees the cave is now gone and you should also be able to spot a leviathan in view.


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We’ve seen this in the trailers so this part does not come as a surprise. The destruction on Repulsor seems to focus more on the tower itself, rather than the surrounding compound so we don’t expect too much of a change here.

Shattered Forest

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What was once a barren wasteland is suddenly thriving with life as the greenery from the the Wetlands and Swamps creeps into the Shattered Forest.

not trees

This is definitely NOT a tree though.

shattered forest after green

Works seem to be close to completion for the two construction sites in the middle of the area and with the elevated areas surrounding the compound, we anticipate this area to be the next hot drop spot.

So to recap, here are the altered locations on the map we’ve spotted so far and the projected path of the leviathan(s) in the green dotted line.


These changes don’t only change the overall look and feel of the map, but will change how the game is played as well. We applaud developers Respawn’s decision in revamping sections of the map without disrupting the core experience of Apex Legends.

Did we miss any? Tell us if you spot something we didn’t in the comments section below!

Apex Legends’ Season 2 Battlepass drops July 2nd.


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