James & Dave Franco To Adapt Masters Of DOOM Book For TV

USA Network has ordered a pilot for the TV adaptation of David Kushner’s Masters Of Doom book, where actors James and Dave Franco will act as the executive producers (via Variety).

Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture was a book published in 2003, telling the story of Doom developer id Software and its influence on pop culture, focusing primarily on the company’s co-founders John D. Carmack and John Romero.

The TV series will focus on Doom‘s origin story for its first season and will continue as an anthology series telling other stories from the games industry, beginning from its second season onwards.

Uncharted co-writer Tom Bissell will both write and act as executive producer for the Masters Of Doom series. Bissell also co-wrote the book, The Disaster Artist, which is now a major motion picture also starring James Franco.

It will be interesting to see more hidden insights into the history of the video games industry. It just goes to show how influential video games are now in the tapestry of world culture. The featured image for this article shows John Romero holding a vintage diskette of the original DOOM.

(Image Credit: Reddit)

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