Mamee Proposes Razer Collab For… Gaming Noodles?

What started as a joke may very well lead to actual Razer gaming noodles in the future.

Several weeks ago, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan shared the fact that a fan’s comment on social media drove him to actually design and engineer proprietary Razer-themed instant noodles. How bizarre were these designs? They featured a self-heating mechanism, in-built chopsticks, and luxury ingredients like squid ink noodles.

Recently, Mamee Monster brand (who makes the popular dried Malaysian noodle snack) reached out to Min-Liang Tan on Facebook, jokingly proposing a collaboration for a Mamee Razer noodle product with marketing concept art.

Min-Liang Tan shared the exchange and said:

“This is like a weird-ass Razer multiverse I’m living in with toasters and noodles.”

Check out the concept art of the Mameee Razer gaming noodle below:

In a world with Razer toasters and cars, it’s not impossible that we might one day see an actual official Razer gaming noodle product on the shelves of luxury supermarkets.

Mamee Razer
Image Credit: Mamee Facebook (via AsiaOne)


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