Remember when we talked about Steam’s 70/30 revenue split (alongside other digital platforms)? Valve isn’t going to change that anytime soon for the developers, indie or otherwise, and that’s irking a lot of people up to now.

People like former Paradox Interactive CEO and current executive chairman Fredrik Wester, for instance. He said during a Gamelab Barcelona panel (via that the 70/30 split from companies like Valve is outrageous and deserves to stay in the past. At the same time, he praises Epic Games Store’s more generous 88/12 split.

“I think the platform holders are taking too much money,” Fredrik said. “[Back then, physical copies] cost a lot of money [to distribute]. [Digital platforms] doesn’t cost anything. So Epic has done a great job for the whole industry, because you get 88 percent. Fantastic move. Thank you very much.”

He also mentioned on Twitter that he isn’t calling out Steam specifically; he’s just miffed at the split itself.

“Ask yourself ‘Why do they choose to go exclusive?’ and I’ll give you a hint: it’s not to f*** up your life and force you to use multiple launchers”. Words to live by.


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