Dota Underlords, Valve’s response to the hugely popular Dota Auto Chess, is getting a “Proto-Battle Pass” in the next patch scheduled to release on 4 July 2019. No specific details were given in the post but players are speculating that it will function more or less similar to the Dota 2 battle pass.

Underlords Battlepass

On the official Underlords website, it’s stated that the Battle Pass will “introduce progression, cosmetics, custom boards, and a host of other new features” to the game. Here are the features players can look forward to when the update arrives:

  • Warlock Alliance rework.
  • Warlock Units tweaks.
  • Shaman Alliance rework.
  • Shaman Units tweaks.
  • 3 New Items.
  • Tweaks to the Alliance Items and how they work.
  • Tweaks to Win and Lose Streaks.
  • Large Scoreboard.
  • And some experimental features.

The week after you’ll see the release of progression and what we call the Proto-Battle Pass. This beta Battle Pass will let us iterate on the system with you and get your feedback on what works and what doesn’t plus what kind of content you’d like the Season 1 Battle Pass to include.

See you all later this week.

– Valve programmer Adrian Finol (Steam Community News Post)

As stated above, the patch also comes with several reworks and tweaks aimed at balancing the game plus new items and more experimental features. The game is still in Early Access and Valve seeks to get as much feedback as possible on the improvements and changes they’re making.

Dota Underlords is currently available for free on Steam so go ahead and check it out while also making use of our guide on how to strategically and effortlessly win any match.



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