Here’s Your First Look At The Pixel-Savvy River City Girls Beat-Em-Up


A while ago, we reported that WayForward and Arc System Works will be making the next game in the River City/Kunio-Kun beat-em-up/dodgeball franchise. Here’s a first look at the game, dubbed River City Girls, and it’s on-par with the developer’s past works and titillating style.

The game flips the script: instead of the girls needing rescuing, it’s now the boyfriends of protagonist Kyoko and Misako who need help. Said dudes happen to be series mainstay Kunio and Riki. Just like its predecessors, you have to 2D sidescroll your way through oodles of bad guys, beating them up with your fists and weapons. You can even recruit defeated foes to join your party.

So far, it’s capturing the spirit of the past games even if no one’s head is in SD format. It’s a gorgeous work of pixel art; let’s hope it plays just as good when it’s out 5th September for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. After all, WayForward did a damn good job with a Double Dragon game; I’m sure they can pull this off with flying colours.

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