As I’ve reported earlier, the Langrisser remake is coming to English markets early 2020 for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, which means more strategy RPG goodness for old-school fans. Unfortunately, it comes with a pretty plain remixed art style and none of the perky charm of the original.

I am referring to the works of Satoshi Urushihara, a manga artist and illustrator known for bringing the Langrisser series, and its successor series called Growlanser, to life with his distinctive style of beautiful characters. While anime fans remember his work from Plastic Little and Legend of Lemnear, he’s more well-known for the aforementioned games.

When you spot a Satoshi Urushihara female protagonist or waifu, you KNOW it’s from him from the eyes and the face, to what they wear and how they’re stylized. His portrayal of the female body, form, and anime face is intricately detailed in the practical places and also, how shall I put it, shapely. Hell, even his guys look a tad feminine if it were not for their “chiselled” and sharp-angled eyes.

I point to Exhibit A and B as titular examples.



I should also point out that he’s known as the “Master of Breasts” in the Japanese manga and illustrator community. And as much as he himself wants to see an artist like Ryo Nagi interpret the Langrisser designs he created, a lot of JRPG fans do miss the previous art style that showcases the right amount of skin and class.


I feel that the left one is the improved artwork, given how distinct and stylized it is in contrast to the Korean mobile damsel archetyped, pigeon-nosed, dead- eyes, & neutered piece on the right. The eyes bare the soul of its subject, and the leftmost piece has that, and more, in spades.

Some things age better than others. With that said, let’s reminisce Satoshi’s past works that are etched in Japanese video game history.

Langrisser Series













Growlanser Series


Your artwork will still live onto the minds and hearts of JRPG fans everywhere because stuff like this will not fly in today’s generation of conservative audience.


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