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Ubisoft is introducing a new limited-time event in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege called Showdown. The brand new game mode will feature a new limited-time map and exclusive in-game content, but best of all, it’s all set in the Wild West so players can get their cowboy fantasies on.

From 2 to 16 July 2019, players can participate in 3v3 matches in a ‘secure area type’ map named Fort Truth. They will be divided into two trios of Attackers and Defenders with only a BOSG.12.2 and a Magnum LFP586 equipped.

To make the Showdown even more intense, it will feature a limited HUD where health, ammo, and crosshairs are stripped away, as well as no preparation phase for players. Besides that, players can look forward to 31 western-themed exclusive items, including full wild west outfits with cowboy hats.

Those who log in during this event will receive a free Showdown Collection Pack and can complete the Ubisoft Club Event challenges to earn a pack and a unique weapon skin for the BOSG.12.2 weapon.

Check out the gunslinging action in the Rainbow Six Siege Showdown trailer below.



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