Cross FATE Again. And Again…


Spread across the land are random events that occasionally appear for a limited time called FATEs. For the longest time FATEs were traditionally used for gaining EXP or obtaining the odd item here and there.

Shadowbringers brings a big change to FATEs with the introduction of a unique currency called bicolor gemstones. These gems are obtainable from FATEs all across The First and can be traded for special items from the world’s various Gemstone Traders.

To add to that are Ranks that increase as you partake in more FATEs in a region. Comprising of three Ranks per region, you’ll want to do these if you plan on unlocking more items to buy from Gemstone Traders.

Getting to Rank 2 requires that you complete six FATEs in one region, while Rank 3 asks for an additional sixty FATEs. Planning to do them all? Then you’d better buckle down because you’re going to have to complete a whopping 396 FATEs in total.


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