Players Are Already Asking About Apex Legends’ Next Season

It has only been less than a week from the release of Apex Legends Season 2 and yet a number of people have begun questioning the release date of the next season and all the goodies that come along with it.

Well fret not fellow players, we’re here to break it down for you.

The Lowdown

Respawn was quick to release a high-level view of the year’s content roadmap back in February when the game was released.

Apex Legends Roadmap

As you might have noticed from the roadmap above, the release date for Season 2 did not happen on time and players waited for another month for Battle Charge, which released on 2 July.

Since Season 2 was delayed by a month, it only begs the question…

When Will Season 3 Drop?

We’re looking at a release window between October to November based on the end date of Season 2.

The current expected end date for Season 2 Apex Legends is on Tuesday, 1 October. If it doesn’t, you can expect it to finish at 2 am, Wednesday, 2 October local time.

New Legend Incoming?

We’ve been receiving new Legends with each introduction of a new season so far. The first season, Wild Frontier, added Octane to the roster while the second season, Battle Charge, saw Wattson introduced as a new playable Legend.

The next Legend to be added into the roster might be Crypto, the person responsible for the destruction of the Repulsor Tower via EMP blast.

Crypto Apex Trailer.png
As seen in the release trailer.

In fact, his presence was noticed ever since the first promotional material hit the internet, way before the launch of the first season.

Crypto Promo Apex.png

Fans are expecting Crypto to be a technological Legend, with abilities to counter tech-based skills from other Legends such as Bloodhound’s scan ability and Pathfinder’s maphack. He could also possibly be a disabler Legend, using his EMP to disable enemy abilities.

Crypto Apex Laptop.png
His laptop is already seen in-game.

There are also rumours about him using a sword to block incoming damage, not unlike Titanfall 2‘s Ronin class Titan.

Ronin Sword block.gif
Ronin’ Sword Block ability.

There will usually be leaks into the season that’s worth checking out just for the fun of it. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for it.

How About A New Battle Pass?

Just like the Legends, we’ll be expecting a new battle pass to drop alongside the next season.

Players have voiced out their thoughts upon the first battle pass with its underwhelming rewards. Respawn responded by stepping up the rewards offered by the second battle pass, and tweaked the progression. So far, the players are happy with the Season 2 battle pass rewards.

If, for any reason, the players aren’t happy with the current way of how things work, expect a rework on the battle pass system as we head into Season 3.

How Much Will It Cost?

As per usual, the seasonal battle pass will set you back 950 Apex Coins, which you can purchase with the 1000 Apex Coin pack priced at 16 SGD (RM49), or you can go for the bundle which costs 2800 Apex Coins instantly giving you 25 levels alongside the battle pass.

We’ll be updating our page with more Apex Legends news as we move deeper into Season 2: Battle Charge. In the meantime, why don’t you check out our latest Apex Legends guide including new Season 2 updates and metas.

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